• Synthetic resins

  • Synthetic resins
  • Plastic products such as packing containers and mobile phones play important roles in every area of our life. Nowadays their market needs for stronger and lighter qualities are increasing. Our company respond to wide range of user needs for various plastics, plasticizers and so on. Through partnerships with each appropriate manufacturer, we are constantly sending the latest information and supporting users to develop new products from the research stage.

  • Main line of products

    【General purpose resin】
    Polyethylene (PE) / Polypropylene (PP) / Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) / Polystyrene (PS) / Ethylene-vinyl acetate resin (EVA) / Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene resin (ABS) / Acrylic resin (PMMA) / Polyvinyl acetate (PVA) / Polyamide resin (PA) / Polyacetal resin (POM) / Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) / Polyurethane (PU) / Off-grade resin (PE, PP, PS, etc.)

    【Functional resin】
    Olefinic elastomer / Olefinic high heat resistant resin / Cyclic olefin / PET resin / PBT resin / Polycarbonate (PC) / Polyether ketone ketone resin (PEKK) / Fluorocarbon resin / Silicone resin / Phenolic resin / Epoxy resin / Melamine resin

    【Master batch / compound】
    Coloring masterbatch / Functional masterbatch / Coloring compound / Functional compound

    Phthalate ester / Adipate ester / Trimellitic ester, etc.

    【Reclaimed resin】
    PET reclaimed resin ( flake, pellet ) / PP, PE, PS, PPE reclaimed resin ( pellet ), etc.

    【Environment-friendly resin】
    Biodegradable resin (PLA) / Biomass resin etc.

    【Resin for coating】
    Aqueous coating resin (Acrylic, Urethane, Polyester, Silicone)
    Solvent type coating resin (Urethane, Polyester, Silicone)
    Environmentally friendly non-turpentine printing resin

    【Adhesive resin】
    Aqueous, Solvent based, Hot melt, Powder type, Reactive type

    ※We are dealing in a variety of synthetic resins and modifiers other than the above mentioned, therefore please feel free to contact us.

  • Dyestuffs・Dyeing auxiliaries

  • Dyestuffs・Dyeing auxiliaries
  • For over 100 years since the foundation as a dyestuff sales company, we have been offering all sorts of suggestions to our users regarding life related products such as clothing, sleeping clothes, curtains, towels, bags, paper, etc., industrial materials such as seats for cars and trains, and multimedia products such as records, displays, memories, and communications by taking advantage of cultivated rich knowledge, experience and technology of dyeing and fiber processing.We leverage our global procurement network and deliver fully managed and secure products with our high technology.Our commodities meet environmental standards.We are able to offer products complied with Oekotex Standards® and bluesign® as well.

  • Main line of products

    Direct dye / Basic dye / Cationic dye / Reactive dye / Acid and Metal complex acid dye / Disperse dye / Vat dye / Mordant dye / Sulfur dye / Fluorescent brightener / Solvent dye / Food dye / Natural dye, etc.

    【Dye Mixture】
    Dye for continuous one-bath dyeing of polyester-cotton blend / Diacetate dye for low-temperature dyeing / Same color dye for triacetate -polyester blend / High lightfastness dye for car seat / High color fastness dye for sportswear / Chlorine-resistant dye for polyester / Disperse dye for Polyester-wool blend / Dyes for natural leather, etc.

    【Functional dye】
    Sensitizing dye for solar cells / Dye for inkjet / Near infrared absorbing dye / Dye for color filter / Dye for liquid crystal / Thermosensitive dye / Pressure sensitive dye / Thermochromic dye, etc.

    【Pretreatment agent】
    Scouring agent / Penetrating agent / Bleaching agent such as hydrogen peroxide / Chelating agent / Reduction accelerator / Desizing agent etc.

    【Dyeing auxiliary】
    Leveling agent / Dispersing agent / Dyebath lubricants / Deaerating and penetrating agent / Dye dissolution agent / Oligomer remover / Carrier / Antimigrant / Soaping agent / Reducion agent / Decoloring agent, etc.

    【Chemical for Printing】
    Alginic acid sodium・Guar gum・CMC・Tamarind gum・Starch and other Various printing paste / Binder for pigment printing / Emulsifier / Thickener / Cross-linking agent / Discharging agent / Resisting agents / Opal finishing agent / Gold powder, Silver powder, Pearl, Light storage ・Glitter and other Luminescent agent / Surfactant discharge finishing agent / Reduction inhibitor / Foil transfer binder / Printing adhesive / Antislipping agent / Urethane squeegee etc.

    【Color Fastness improving agent】
    Gas fading inhibitor / Dye-fixing agent / Rubbing fastness improver / Light fastness improver / Chlorine fastness improver / Anti-slipping agent / Anti-pilling agent / Anti-gas fading agent, etc.

    【Finishing agent】
    Hand modifier / Mangle stain resistant agent / Moisture-permeable water-proof coating agent / Shape stability finishing agent / Water absorption・Soil release finishing agent / Dyeing accelerator etc.

    【Functional processing agent】
    Water-repellenting and Oil repellenting agent / Skin care finishing agent / Cool finishing・warm finishing agent / Flame retardant / Deodorant finishing agent / Pollen adheshion preventing agent / Antibacterial finishing agent etc.

    【Chemicals for leather】
    Degreasing agent / Fatliquoring agent / Natural tannin / Unhairing enzyme / Dyeing dispersing agent / Thinner / Lacquer / Various finishing agent, etc.

    【Chemicals for synthetic leather and artificial leather】
    Urethane resin for impregnation (water-based / solvent-based) / Urethane resin for skin layer (water-based / solvent-based) / Urethane resin for bonding (water-based, solvent-based, moisture curing) / Surface coating agent / Matting agent / UV absorber / Antioxidant / Leveling agent / anti-hydrolysis agent / release paper, etc.

    【Chemicals for paper, nonwoven fabric】
    Paper strong agent / Yield-improving agent / Sizing preparation / Acrylic resin for impregnation / SBR for impregnation / Surface coating agent / Activated carbon・Photocatalizer・Deodorant・Antibacterial agent for supported / Various kinds of raw cotton, etc.

    【Other Chemicals】
    Inorganic chemicals such as caustic soda, soda ash and mirabilite / Formic acid, lactic acid, acetic acid and other acid for dyeing / Fluorine tube for mangle antifouling, etc.

  • Processing pigments・Additive agents

  • Processing pigments・Additive agents
  • We are surrounded by daily necessities which are full of colors and these products are colored with coloring materials that match the image of their own products. We propose inorganic and organic pigment colorants that meet the colory needs and functional additives that meet the diverse needs.

  • Main line of products

    【Processed pigment】
    Inorganic pigment ( Titanium oxide / Carbon black / Calcined pigment / Calcium carbonate, etc.) / Organic pigment / Masterbatch for plastic (PE, PP, PS, PET, ABS, etc. from general-purpose resin to super engineering plastic) / Dope dyed ( Film, Sheet , Fiber of Polyester, Polyamide, Polypropylene etc.) / Water dispersible pigment ( Surfactant dispersion / Resin dispersion) / Urethane and Acrylic based water dispersible pigment / Colorant for leather ( Paste color, Lacquer color) / Toner for PVC

    【Functional Masterbatch】
    Anti-blocking agent / Lubricant / Conductive agent / Anti-static agent / Weathering agent / Anti-fogging agent / Foaming agent / Transparent nucleating agent / Rigid nucleating agent / Mold release agent / Antibacterial agent / Deodorant / Mildew proofing agent / Animal proof agent / Ant-proof agent / Freshness keeping agent / Flame retardant / Abrasion-resistance agent / Antioxidant / Fluidity improver / Cleaning agent / Die drool Inhibitor

    Conductive carbon black / Calcium carbonate / Zeolite / Talc

    ※We are developing functional compounds according to the users' application purpose, therefore please feel free to contact us.

  • Chemicals

  • Chemicals
  • We are a specialty chemical trading company and are dealing a wide range of chemical products from basic inorganic and organic chemicals to functional chemicals. We satisfy all sorts of users' needs by taking advantage of our cultivated experience and information.We are dealing chemical products such as fine chemicals and specialty chemicals. They have new functions in order to provide materials special functions.In the field of industrial innovation, we are offering a suggestion to apply them and develop high-value-added products with a unique technology.

  • Main products handled

    ・Inorganic chemicals
    【Acid and alkaline industrial chemicals】
    Sulfuric acid / Nitric acid / Phosphoric acid / Hydrochloric acid / Formic acid / Boric acid / Caustic soda / Soda ash / Hydrogen peroxide / Sodium hypochlorite / Calcium chloride / Sodium sulfide, etc.

    【Ammonia derivatives】
    Ammonia water / Ammonium chloride / Urea etc.

    【Mineral derivatives】
    Talc / Calcium carbonate / Zeolite / Silica etc.

    ・Organic chemicals
    【Organic solvent】
    Acetone / IPA / Ethyl acetate / Methyl ethyl ketone / Toluene / Xylene / Methanol / Propylene glycol / Cyclohexanone / DMF / DMI / Ethylene glycol monomethyl ether / mixed solvent, etc.

    【Organic acid】
    Lactic acid / Lactic acid derivative / Acetic acid, etc.

    ・Functional chemicals
    CNT dispersion / Fullerene / Graphene / CNF / Fine particle titanium oxide / Fine particle silica, Hollow silica / Spherical silicone particle / Spherical polyethylene particle / Thermal barrier coating material / Inorganic heating material / High / low refractive index material for IM (index matching) / Deodorant (water-soluble, ionic filler, etc.) / Others (Flame retardant, Flame retardant adjuvant, Antibacterial deodorant agent, Ant-proof agent, Animal proof agent, etc.)