• Responsibility to Social and Global Environment

    From the view point of compliance, governance, risk management and global environment, We, MAEDA INDUSTRIAL CHEMICALS CO., LTD. our every single employee raises awareness of What we accurately captures the social demand and environmental change through to the business activity and contribute to the sustainable social development and fulfils the social responsibility.

  • Social Contribution and Achievements

    • July.2017

    • Public donation for the disaster victim of intense heavy in western Japan through to Japanese Red Cross

    • July.2016

    • Formulated risk assessment

    • Jan.2016

    • Public donation for the earthquake victim in Kumamoto Pref. through to Japanese Red Cross

    • Mar.2011

    • Public donation for earthquake victim in northern east area through to Japanese Red Cross

  • CSR Fundamental Compliance

  • Sustainability

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    ● Pursuit of profit

    ● Social contribution

    ● Environmental management (KES STEP Ⅱ) Compliance of environmental declaration

    ● Uplift of credence from stakeholder

    ● Buildup and maintenance for the compliance
    1) Security Export Control / Maintenance and strengthening of compliance for Security Export Control (list regulation, catch all regulation and etc.)
    2) Compliance of Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control
    3) Consideration for Labor condition and safety health (Risk management)
    4) Maintenance and strengthening for Fair trade and corporate ethics
    5) Strengthening of information security and elimination of antisocial forces

    ● Respect for human rights
    1) Prohibition of labor under coercion
    2) Prohibition of child labor
    3) Prohibition of inhumane treatment
    4) Prohibition of discriminatory treatment

  • Basic Philosophy・Action Guideline

  • We, MAEDA INDUSTRIAL CHEMICALS CO., LTD. recognize that one of the most important Key issue is as all humankind's common understanding to make all efforts by whole our organization to reduce the Environmental burden and preserve the environment.

    MAEDA INDUSTRIAL CHEMICALS CO., LTD. promote the environment management activity the based on following Policy to reduce the environment burden from of all our wholesales business activities related to chemical・raw material and aims to harmonize with the global environment.

    1.We all the time recognize the environment burden related to our business activity of products and services and promote the precaution against environment pollution and the environment protection while we gain the continuous improvement for the environment management activity.
    The one thing to be added is that the environment protection includes the sustainable resource use, And easing, accommodation for climate change.

    「Concrete Tackling」
    ・Implement the monthly group meeting as the environmental educational awareness activity.
    ・Confirmation and making proposals of environmental management activity and decision of promotion matters at monthly CSR committee.
    ・The key issue for environmental burden as save energy , save resource , green procurement , reduction of General・industrial waste and management of chemical substances

    2.We comply with environmental regulation and other requirements related to our business activity of products and service.

    「Concrete Tackling」
    ・Confirmation and implement for the compliance article
    Management for environmental regulation (domestic・international)
    RoHS・Reach Regulation , etc.
    Obtain safety information from supplier and provide
    Grasp chemical substances of handling products and appropriate information transmission in supply chain.

    ・Handling environmental friendly chemical product
    bluesign® approval product
    Product approved by Oeko-texStandard100®・PL voluntary standards
    Manufacture product's targets zero-discharge of harmful substance by ZDHC
    Environmental friendly product of plant derives such as resin, biodegradable, recycle, reuse, environmental burden reduction equipment

  • KES Registration

  • KES Registration
  • We, MAEDA INDUSTRIAL CHEMICALS CO., LTD. acquired KES approval ver. step Ⅰ May. 2010 and ver. step Ⅱ May. Based on our company policy.

    ※KES stepⅡ
    KES which is the standard of environmental management started from originally Kyoto and step Ⅱ is accordance with nearly all article of ISO 14001.