1906:founded Maeda Narasaburo’s store(our mother company,wholesaler of dyestuffs & medical
products)in Kyoto.
1917:established our company as Osaka Office of Maeda Narasaburo’s store.
1929:independent from mother company.
1964:changed company name to the present one.
Company Name      :  Maeda Industrial Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Foudation               :  November 1929
Paid-in Capital        :  48 million Yen
Major shareholders :  Employee Ownership Fund
DIC Corporation,Mitsui Chemicals, Inc
Business activity     : Wholesaling dyestuffs,synthetic resins and other various chemical products.
Domestic sales, export & import.
Employees                : 70
Shiro Maeda                    President
Naoto Nakamura       Director
Masaru Kobayashi            Director
Masafumi Gotoh              Director