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Synthetic Resins

Thermoplastic resin

Thermosetting resin

Synthetic rubber

Synthetic resin products

Functional film

High refractive index optical resin monomer

Water absorbent resin

High functional engineering plastics


Dyes and pigments for textiles

Dyes and pigments for paper

Dyes and pigments for leathers

Dyes and pigments for plastics

Dyes and pigments for ink

Dyes and pigments for paint


Finishing agents for textiles, paper and leathers


Energy saving apparatus

Colors for record information

Colors for special performance

Powder metal pastes

Industrial Chemicals

Raw materials for synthetic chemicals     Intermediates for dyestuffs, agrochemicals,

Raw materials for painting ink                Medical products

Raw materials for synthetic fibers          Adhesive agents

Raw materials for synthetic resins          Raw materials for adhesive agents

Raw materials for plasticizers                 Silicone products

Raw materials for urethane                    Sputtering targets  

Pigment additives                                  Fine ceramics

Oil and fat additives                              Other organic, inorganic chemicals

Lubricants, grease                                 Fluorine chemicals